Comprehensive listing and summary of classes offered for the 2017 calendar.
* For more information or to book a lecture or class on any of the listings or to book private instruction with Jezabelle Von Jane please contact 205-643-5696 noon-10pm.
**Lectures and instructional classes taught in multiple business and burlesque conventions including Burly Pics world Competition Los Angeles, Knoxville Tennessee Small Business Expo, private consultations on the subject matter for many profitable producers across the globe. References and testimonials given upon request. Jezabelle Von Jane is fully licensed and insured as an instructor in multiple schools of performance and movement as well as Fire performance. If your state has specific requirements for fire instruction unique to your area please have that information prior to booking instructional time involving pyro.

  • Performance
  • Event Production/Management
  • Costuming
  • Alternative Lifestyle

We offer classes for stage performance in a number of styles, including:

  • Adult Jazz
  • Adult Lyrical
  • Twerk/Floorwork
  • Pole (Beginner/Intermediate)
  • Ballet (Beginner/Intermediate) with Vivi Noir
  • Pointe (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) with Vivi Noir
  • Dance Technique with Vixen V Fox
  • Drag

Fire performance and safety are offered as individual instruction, and require specific insurance and health information. Contact us for more information.

Choreography For Group Numbers
This class dissects the art of group dance by focusing on the choreographer's methods and introducing effective tools and insights for more effective choreography instruction within a group where ability levels may vary. Customizing techniques that encourage dancers to find focal points, avoid the stage pile-up and design pleasing configurations while maximizing choreography retention and execution are discussed, and troubleshooting for difficult students is evaluated during this 45 minute lecture.

Body Positioning
Learn to move your body in a manner that translates fluidly to the audience. Learn the tricks of face placement, hand and arm styling, hip and leg placement techniques, and executing "shines" that add polish and strength to any stage performance. Hand positioning and technique drills for muscle memory and retention are also explored, in addition to "invisible fix" corrections for stage blunders and unexpected trips or falls.
** Dancers are required to wear footwear appropriate for the genre of their dance performance. No sneakers or bare feet for this class. Ballet, jazz, or ballroom shoes as well as stilettos or character heels are welcome.

Salsa for the Burly Stage
This class uses the basic beginner steps of salsa and unites them with traveling jazz and lyrical techniques for a unique and graceful take on filling space in burlesque choreography. A fun and lively class. No dance experience required. Individuals incapable of 10 minutes of consecutive, moderate movement due to health restrictions are not advised to participate.

Seduction and Floorwork: Adding the Sleaze To Your Tease
Choreography and costuming aren't gonna burn the seats out from under an audience! What lights a stage on fire is passion and intention through movement and expression. What good does an unzipped dress do if the intent to drop it to the floor isn't understood? This 60 minute class explores movements and combinations that best express passion, intention, and enticement. Learn how to replace the typical burly 1,2,3's with movement tailored to allure and tease while giving the audience suspense and buildup. Introduction to floorwork and leg positioning for rising and falling to floor level are taught.

Floor Work and Exotic Dance
No, not all exotic dance is created the same! Learn the staple movements, floorwork combinations, and pole holds (no pole work or pole required) of today's exotic dancers. Just as the Burly Qs have their individualized versions of shared staples such as the glove or stocking peel, exotic dancers have an arsenal of staple techniques meant for beautiful stage positioning, constant movement, and endurance for those three-song stage sets. Used for traveling stages three times the size of most burlesque stages, in heels three to five inches higher than most burlesque performers wear, these seductive movements and floorwork combinations are adaptable for even the most reserved dancers.
** This class requires all participants to wear shoes with at least a two-inch heel. No bare feet or sneakers permitted.

Mommy, What's a Stage Name?
This is an open forum discussion for professional performers with children. Exchange stories and offer techniques and options for living a parallel existence with parenthood and exotic entertainment. 

Event Production/Management
Alternative Lifestyle